RMLLW2LLZ - Concerto No. 9 Movement II - CD


RMLLW2LLZ - Concerto No. 9 Movement II - CD


Rmllw2llz has cultivated a circle of collaborators from in and far outside hip-hop, for an album that is parts Wu-Tang at their very best, classic soul and R&B beats with tight rhymes, backed by elements of rock and indie.


released November 10, 2017

Produced by Yons D
Recroded at Blue Steele Studio (Nashvile) by D.A. Royce "the Poet" and The Space Camp (Louisviile) by Yons D
Mixed at RCA Studio B (Nashville) and Club House Studio (Nashville) by D.A. Royce "the Poet" 
Mastered at RCA Studio B (Nashville) by Jeff Zacharski of Jenga Productions
Art work by Mike Thompson and Alyssa Trujillo

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